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Park and Pray Update: April 10, 2020

We are very thankful for the opportunity to park and pray for our community during the COVID 19 crisis.  Government and county officials have supported and encouraged our willingness to pray at various locations while following current health guidelines. 

Since The Orchard Community Church at Live Oak has so many connections with staff and residents at Suwannee Health, they are focusing on that location.  With parking at Suwannee Health limited to the lot across the street from the facility we are encouraging folks to park and pray at Shands Regional Medical Center – Live Oak.

Here are a few facts about our local situation that will help you decide how to participate:

1.       The community has been affected by the Covid-19 virus and local Health Care workers from all entities are working hard together to care for everyone affected by this virus

2.       Those who are over 65 and have underlying conditions (heart, diabetes) are encouraged to pray from home.

Prayer Location

o   Shands Regional Medical Center – Live Oak, 1100 11th St SW (parking on southeast and northeast sides of the building – patient rooms section)

Date and Time

o   Sundays through April, 7:00 – 7:30 pm (April 12, 19, & 26)

o   Anytime you have an opportunity, stop in, turn on your caution lights, and pray


o   If you have underlying medical conditions, please pray from home.

o   Thanks for staying in your car

o   Park in designated area

o   Turn on caution (flashing) lights while praying

o   Pray strategically.  Pray for:

§  Elected (national, state, & federal) officials making hard decisions

§  First-line responders

·       Shands – Live Oak

·       Suwannee Health

·       EMTs

·       Law Enforcement

·       Dept of Health

·       Testing Lab Employees

·       At-home Caregivers for those tested positive

·       Essential businesses & employees

·       Emergency Operations Center Staff

o   Play Christian music in your car while praying

o   Pray Scripture

o   We really appreciate that you stayed in your car!

o   Quietly leave when you have finished praying.  Please do not honk horns.

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